Surprise team lunch, escape game, and drinks in an arcade bar – just an average day at Locala with the R&D team 😉


At Locala, we host an annual team building event each year with all the teams including sales, marketing, adops, traders, account managers, and the R&D. This annual company-wide team building is important to exchange ideas across teams and took place right before everyone’s summer vacations. This year, our R&D team has grown to more than 30 members strong! So…for the first time, we organised a surprise team bonding event just for the geeks in the family!


After a whole month of anticipation, the R&D team had an exciting surprise on Thursday that started with a pizza lunch together on our terrace in the Paris office. After, we all headed to L’Antichambre to compete in an escape game. We split into 5 teams for some friendly competition, each team was in a room with a different theme ranging from voodoo, KGB, contagion, ghost and mummy. The first team to make it out of the escape room accomplished it under an impressive 30 minutes! After an intense hour, we headed to Le FantĂ´me to satisfy our thirst. At the FantĂ´me we played some old-school pinball, classic games like Street Fighter and Pacman…and our office favourite: table football (FR: babyfoot). All accomplished with generous servings of alcohol let’s not forget to mention!


Pizza team lunch at the office
Escape game winners!
A part of the team getting a drink!
At the FantĂ´me bar
Someone won!