London, Feb 21, 2017 – Locala (Success for Mobile) acquired Netadge this week in a move to strengthen the company’s offerings in the programmatic industry and enlarge the current R&D team to more than 50 engineers.

Netadge is a leading self-service mobile DSP specializing in mobile RTB founded in France with presence in New York. This acquisition brings together two leading technologies in an industry shifting towards a consolidation of major players. “Locala is enlarging its technology stack to rival the biggest players today while accomplishing our vision to deliver a transparent, competitive, and certified technology, where advertisers have full ownership of their campaign data,” explains Christophe Collet, Locala CEO.

Following this acquisition, Locala has a projected revenue of $35M USD for 2017. In order to grow Locala’s technology, the company is aiming to double the size of its existing R&D team this year. The acquisition of Netadge represents a step closer to achieving this staffing target for 2017, as Locala will take on over a dozen accomplished data engineers as a part of this acquisition.

“This deal is an advantageous acqui-hire as much as it is a strategic business move,” Collet continues. “Hiring the best talent in the industry is key to Locala’s success and we are thrilled to welcome 14 senior ad tech experts into our product and engineering efforts, growing beyond a 50-person R&D team. We are committed to hiring the best minds in the industry from around the world – today our team is made up of more than 26 nationalities”. The talent search does not end here for Locala, the company still has more than 20 tech positions to fill in the coming year.

In 2016, NetAdge achieved more than $4 million USD in revenues and is actively serving over 50 media agencies and trading desks. “As the US tech giants continue on a path to dominate the programmatic industry, we are committed to remain a competitive alternative by reinforcing our technology,” concludes Christophe Collet.

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