At Locala, we create all our ad formats with the consumer in mind. Our goal is for shoppers to engage with your ad and visit your stores. And to successfully help you do that, we’ve released a new format – Mosaic.

Designed to create an immersive user experience, the Mosaic ad format merges video and image content with an interactive product slider and the address of your nearest store. It’s the perfect format to help you raise awareness of multiple products within a specific collection, or to showcase one high-value product from several angles and with more detail.

Mosaic goes above and beyond to offer shoppers a new level of product information to drive traffic to your stores. By combining distinct content tiles with our Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) feature, Mosaic helps shoppers explore your products and identify your closest store location. If shoppers want to go ahead and see the product in-store, they can click on your call-to-action to be redirected to a store locator landing page.

To make sure your ad fits your needs, you can make use of Mosaic’s interchangeable ad formats and choose to have it display either as:

  • an interstitial – an interactive, full screen ad that will appear on your shoppers’ screens at the most convenient time during their browsing journey (right);
  • or an MPU – a square in-feed ad which integrates seamlessly into the mobile user’s activity, just like a native content experience (left).

Mosaic’s innovative way of showcasing your products keeps your brand top of mind, offers shoppers the immersive brand experience they want, all while helping you drive footfall to your stores. And with the Holiday season fast approaching, that’s never been more important.

To learn more about Mosaic, watch this short video.