Maintaining a brand’s image whilst making sure your advertising is reaching real people is a challenge, but using the right technology can make it easy.

According to IAS, ad fraud losses have decreased by 10% since 2017, but they still account for approximately $5.8 billion on digital display advertising alone. It’s no wonder that advertisers want to have more control over the brand safety and ad fraud measures of their campaigns.

We have implemented many brand-safety and anti-fraud measures into our technology, including several curated blacklists and whitelists updated regularly, as well as premium publisher deals ensuring campaigns are run on quality inventory, so advertisers can be confident that their brand is associated with the right content. We have also developed a proprietary algorithm, called GeoAccuracy, that filters out suspicious location data used for targeting to ensure your bids reach real people around your stores. 

But it’s even easier to ensure brand safety and viewability and to prevent ad fraud using our drive-to-store platform Fusio. Thanks to our partnership with IAS, we are able to offer pre-defined publisher segments that can cater to any brand safety requirement, so that advertising dollars can be put to good use throughout the campaign. 

When you run a campaign using Fusio, you’ll be able to choose specific publisher segments you’d like to bid on in the supply section. They’re divided into three categories:


Bid only on placements that meet or exceed your viewability goals, to ensure your campaigns are seen by real people. Viewability targets are really important for all types of brands to make sure they are paying for valuable impressions.

Brand safety

Brand safety is measured by the potential risk a publisher or placement poses to the brand image. High-risk content could be alcohol content, whereas low-risk content can be weather updates. You can now use customizable brand-risk thresholds that work for your brand image. 

Ad fraud

You make the most of your budget when your bids aren’t wasted on suspicious placements. Fusio will help to prevent your tactics from bidding on suppliers that are associated with illegal or deceptive activities such as click fraud or invalid traffic.

With a few simple clicks, you will be able to ensure your brand and your money are protected. This is a great addition to the other brand safety and anti-fraud tools you can use in Fusio, such as black or whitelisting, or accessing premium private deals directly in the platform.

Do you have any questions about how to protect your brand when running drive-to-store campaigns? Get in touch to have a chat with our team.