New Ad format release – Story by Locala Studio

Snapchat introduced Stories to its product features in late 2013, since then other social media channels like Instagram has followed suit. Stories is now the new standard of how mobile users are consuming content whether it is in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger.

With this insight, Locala’s Studio developed a brand new mobile ad format – Story, to address this new user trend. Advertisers can deliver mobile advertising content to shoppers in the same way they consume social media with Story. This mobile-first format can integrate up to 3 videos or images that are skippable by the user with the same intuitive gestures from Snapchat or Instagram. For the most authentic brand storytelling, advertisers can customise videos and images with emoticons, doodles and hand-written text.

Now brands can send authentic story-esque content in their campaigns and forget the traditional mobile ad experiences. Users will be more engaging with this fun and entertaining content. They also have the possibility to skip within the Story format with the same intuitive gestures from Snapchat or Instagram.

For mobile marketers, this unique format has the advantage of being able to integrate existing social media content to reach mobile users on premium inventory. Like all Locala proprietary ad formats, advertisers leverage as a post-click experience and measure it based on the CPLP buying model. Every user action is trackable in Story, including the completion rate and dwell time on the multiple videos and images.

Read the news in French on L’ADN.

New Format Release – The Trailer

Introducing a breakthrough mobile video format from Locala’s studio – The Trailer

The Trailer is a two part extended video format that lets mobile users consume video content with the latest interactive effects. trailer_format_imageIt is always a challenge for brands to showcase a video experience in just a few seconds in a standard video format. With Locala’s new Trailer video format, brands can now deliver an extended mobile video experience – that begins in the ad and continues until post-click on the landing page.

In this 2-step video experience, brands can capture user attention in-ad by leveraging video effects such as loop, slow motion, classic, speed up, and boomerang. The video can be an MPU or an interstitial ad. After engagement with the ad, marketers can immerse consumers in a branded universe with a landing page designed as a portrait video, The Travelling, 180° full screen video with a product sticker or a video format combined with a product panel.

Brands can pick and choose different types of video effects to be integrated into the format depending on their target consumers. Every action throughout this format whether in-ad or post-click are tracked in our FUSIO platform so marketers can have the latest campaign insights to improve performances.

New Format Release – The Travelling

Introducing a brand new mobile ad format by Locala – The Travelling.

This format will help brands reimagine the mobile user experience and offers another exciting way to engage with consumers on their smartphones. Users can literally ‘travel’ or scroll within a dynamic video format for a truly hands-on experience. With this discovery-based tactile format, brands can be sure to leave a lasting impression with smartphone savvy consumers! Brands can now immerse their consumers into their mobile ads and reinforce their branding campaigns.

travelling_formatThe Travelling is a responsive format that is fully compatible with different operating systems. Brands can integrate this brand new format in various mobile campaign scenarios, as an interstitial or as a landing page from a MPU format.

We are committed to provide advertisers with detailed engagement insights into their campaign as well as with different ad formats. Advertisers will have insights into video completion rates, the CTR, and CVR, with The Travelling to keep transforming their branded mobile experiences.

Launching ‘The Path’ – a brand new mobile creative format

At Locala, we are proud of our in-house studio in Paris where our designers are constantly on a mission to rethink the mobile user experience. Our aim is always to harness the full potential of mobile for better user engagements, so we are excited to launch, The Path, a brand new mobile creative experience.

The Path is a breakthrough mobile format that takes users on an immersive discovery of a branded product message. It is truly one of a kind, providing intuitive navigation to deliver an entertaining and seamless mobile user experience. Furthermore, The Path is a mobile-specific format that can integrate various different campaign scenarios, such as a mobile videos or a store locator, and all actions taken in the format are measurable (the number of actions, video seen, click etc). To guarantee the best experience for smartphone users, this format size has also been optimised for the mobile channel to avoid slow and lagging interferences

More than inventing a breakthrough creative format, we want to provide something that is easily deployable for our clients. The Path presents a huge opportunity for advertisers and a true alternative to Facebook Canvas. Advertisers can use this format that has been tested for maximum efficiency for RTB buying and Locala’s premium publisher networks. What’s more, for advertisers without a mobile-friendly landing page, they can now safeguard their customers’ mobile user-experience with this tailored format.


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