Snapchat introduced Stories to its product features in late 2013, since then other social media channels like Instagram has followed suit. Stories is now the new standard of how mobile users are consuming content whether it is in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger.

With this insight, Locala’s Studio developed a brand new mobile ad format – Story, to address this new user trend. Advertisers can deliver mobile advertising content to shoppers in the same way they consume social media with Story. This mobile-first format can integrate up to 3 videos or images that are skippable by the user with the same intuitive gestures from Snapchat or Instagram. For the most authentic brand storytelling, advertisers can customise videos and images with emoticons, doodles and hand-written text.

Now brands can send authentic story-esque content in their campaigns and forget the traditional mobile ad experiences. Users will be more engaging with this fun and entertaining content. They also have the possibility to skip within the Story format with the same intuitive gestures from Snapchat or Instagram.

For mobile marketers, this unique format has the advantage of being able to integrate existing social media content to reach mobile users on premium inventory. Like all Locala proprietary ad formats, advertisers leverage as a post-click experience and measure it based on the CPLP buying model. Every user action is trackable in Story, including the completion rate and dwell time on the multiple videos and images.

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