On June 8th, Locala hosted an exciting event called Eco Ride by Locala, which celebrated the eco-responsible initiative of cycling while supporting the preservation of the French forest and its biodiversity. This event, piggybacking on the UN’s World Bicycle Day, brought together 20 enthusiastic participants who volunteered to ride for a reliable mode of transport and adventure.

The Eco Ride offered a challenge accessible to all, whether riding a classic road bike or opting for a softer option with an electric bike. The goal was to not only enjoy the picturesque surroundings but also contribute to a sustainable cause. For every 100 kilometers cycled during the event, donations were made to finance tree planting through the Locala x EcoTree partnership.

Jean-François Coutanceau, in charge of the project, noted that “Over the course of the day, the participants collectively rode more than 1000 kilometers, showcasing their support for this eco-friendly initiative. Their efforts will make a difference in preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices”.

Locala’s RSE Engagement in Sustainability

At Locala, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental pillar of our business approach, aiming to make a positive impact on communities. With a commitment to measuring the impact of their economic, environmental, and social activities, Locala actively supports the UN Global Compact and adheres to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Locala’s Initiatives for the Planet

Locala has been actively involved in raising awareness among employees about environmental issues in the digital industry and encourages Localers to take part in local and global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

By collaborating with Ecotree, Locala contributes to the preservation and promotion of vibrant forests across Europe, ensuring the sequestration of CO2 and credible carbon removals.