Benvenuto Alfieri, Italy Country Director at Locala tells us how to best integrate DOOH into multichannel media strategies.

How to integrate DOOH programmatic into an omnichannel strategy? This is a recurring question for Marketers.  

Benvenuto Alfieri, Italy Country Director at the ad tech Locala offers a series of suggestions. “It’s been years now that RTB – Real Time Bidding has revolutionized the way advertising campaigns are designed and distributed,” says Alfieri. ” The old media strategy consisting of broadcasting commercials only on  billboards, TV, and display, with a single message and no contextualization or adaptation to the media channel, is almost over; the ‘almost’ means that the transition to  omnichannel is still ongoing and it is at the core of advertising strategies this year. 

It has become increasingly critical to reach audiences in the right place, at the right time, with the right message, on the most appropriate screen at that precise moment. In short, it’s about telling a story across various consumer touchpoints, making smart use of data, and adapting creative assets, and at the heart of this strategy is programmatic DOOH. Programmatic DOOH combines the power of Digital Out Of Home with the targeting, contextualization, and real time capabilities offered by programmatic buying. There are three main reasons to integrate programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy.” 

1. Take advantage of the power of DOOH and go even further

Digital Out Of Home is a beloved advertising media because of its presence in consumers’ daily lives. With screens in the street, on public transportation, and in shopping malls, as well as in sports arenas, coloring our cities. Statista’s forecasts for the coming years show that its growth will continue unabated. Using programmatic buying means going far beyond its powerful reach. The principle of programmatic DOOH is to purchase DOOH using auction logic, through SSPs (Displayce, Hivestack which are integrated into Fusio by Locala) and DSPs (Fusio by Locala is Locala’s proprietary omnichannel DSP). This buying method allows advertisers to buy impressions in real time, based on targeting criteria. 

2. Revolutionary targeting and contextualization

Today, buying mass media with precise targeting is possible. The goal of programmatic buying is to deliver the right ad at the right time, in the right context, and in the right place for the target audience. For example, advertising a sunscreen in areas where there is a high presence of users interested in travel, or one that invites people to visit a particular store at certain times of day and in areas with a high concentration of the target audience. The programmatic DOOH also offers a solution present in mobile digital campaigns, such as DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization). It is possible to adapt advertising to certain conditions, such as the weather, the results of a sporting event, and many other live variables.

Case Study: drive-to-pharmacies campaign for Eucerin 

Dentsu and Locala’s data-driven omnichannel planning combined the use of two strategically relevant advertising media channels to reach the target audience, mobile and DOOH. The platform’s machine algorithm with real time optimization

produced an increase in the campaign visit rate. Each channel had a specific strategic function: mobile allowed to reach the target audience in those areas of the territory where DOOH is less present; DOOH, on the other hand, thanks to Locala’s platform, ensured a greater presence of communication in metropolitan areas, with a particular focus on Northern Italy. A footfall uplift of +69% and a x2.5 visit rate (vs. benchmark visit rate of similar single-channel campaigns) are the results recorded by Eucerin, a dermo-cosmetic brand of the Beiersdorf Group.

3. Programmatic advertising simplifies the measurement of DOOH effectiveness in combination with mobile

If measuring OOH effectiveness was complicated for advertisers, it is now possible in real-time thanks to programmatic buying. In addition to the way campaigns are designed and delivered, programmatic buying has also revolutionized the way in which performance and results can be measured. In addition to traditional KPIs, it is possible to measure the impact of programmatic DOOH on the entire funnel. The advantage of this media channel is its versatility in serving both branding and drive-to-store objectives. We can therefore measure the impact in terms of Brand Lift (Locala collaborates exclusively with Happydemics for Italy).  

Lastly, thanks to the collaboration with Circana, Locala is able to provide detailed reporting on programmatic DOOH and mobile campaign impact. By integrating programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy, you can be sure to reach your audience effectively and efficiently by being able to measure the impact and contribution of this advertising media on the overall strategy.