April 27th, 2023 – Article by Mary Layden

Locala is very excited to release our latest innovative mobile ad format called the Click-to-Text. The Click-to-Text is designed to assist advertisers in increasing brand awareness while enabling users to easily initiate contact in an automated environment that encourages long-term brand engagement at scale. This feature also allows customers to communicate with brands effortlessly through an application they’re already using, as opposed to filling out a traditional contact form.

Random brand interstitial click to text video.

How it Works

With the Click-to-Text format, users are prompted with an ad that features a call to action. When clicked on, users are asked to verify if they’d like to send a text message. When selecting yes, a pre-written text message is generated in their messaging app, addressed to the advertiser’s phone number or short code.

The Benefits

The Click-to-Text is beneficial for both advertisers and the user experience. Advertisers can use click-to-text ads to generate leads, engage with potential customers, and provide customer support. Users, on the other hand, can easily connect with businesses without having to navigate through a website or make a phone call.  We have found this format to be particularly valuable for advertisers in the Retail, Automotive, Grocery, QSR and Home & Furniture industries. 

Creating Unique Experiences with Locala

At Locala, we specialize in creating unique and impactful experiences for our clients’ marketing campaigns. Our skilled design team works closely with clients to develop customized solutions that align with their specific goals and objectives. Whether it’s for mobile, DOOH, desktop or CTV, we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality and creative design that drives results.

To learn more about the convenience and accessibility of Click-to-Text, contact us today!