Locala, the drive-to-store platform, targets the right audience for your drive-to-store campaigns. Our proprietary platform Fusio is the all-in-one tool kit for marketers, providing insights through audience targeting that will help you get the right customers into your brick-and-mortar stores.

This targeting consists of analyzing aggregated online and offline consumer behavior like historical location data to divide anonymized consumers into groups by interests or affinities, such as ‘auto enthusiasts’ or ‘early tech adopters’. Locala’s platform is agnostic, you can access any data provider of your choice to activate the right audience for your brand, plus you can also use first-party data to create your own audiences.

Audience targeting works well for specific user segments or high-value purchases that are less frequent and where customers would not expect to make a decision on the spot. These include consumer electronics, home furnishings, or automotive.

If you’re interested in seeing how audience targeting can optimize your brand or client’s campaigns, please get in touch.