There’s no denying it, the retail revolution is underway! Whether it’s from a digital or societal perspective, the industry is facing some profound changes that have been accelerated by the health crisis we are going through today. If digital-savvy consumers already wanted to regain control of their purchases before the crisis, helped by technology and its many applications, this desire to give meaning back to their consumption has intensified today and implies many in-depth transformations for retailers.

At Locala, we want to help retailers drive more customers to stores, dealerships and restaurants by delivering outstanding advertising campaigns. This is why we’re launching the “Retail Insights” barometer, where we will be analyzing the trends that are reshaping the market through an in-depth study. It will consist of a trend book highlighting the 15 major developments that are shaking up the retail industry today and a quantitative and qualitative B-to-B section that will be unveiled later on this fall.

To give you a preview of what’s to come, discover these 6 major trends, taken from our Retail Insights barometer:

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