This year, Juneteenth, the nationally celebrated commemoration of the end of slavery in the US, will be celebrated on a larger scale than ever before. Just days before the holiday, the Senate passed a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday and now awaits approval from the House. Many major companies already recognize Juneteenth as a day of observance including Nike, Target, and the NFL. But, this holiday isn’t just about giving employees the day off, it’s about acknowledging the African American community in a larger way outside of Black History Month.

Historically, The BIPOC community has not been prioritized as a target audience. Even though their spending power is currently at $1.3 trillion, their tastes, culture, and traditions have not always been a point of interest for brands. Now, in this new day and age, this community that makes up nearly 15% of the population can no longer be neglected.

Companies are being held accountable for keeping the BIPOC audience top of mind not only at the register, but on the shelves as well. The 15% Pledge, a nonprofit organization founded by Aurora James, challenges retailers to dedicate at least 15% of its shelf space to black owned businesses. Among the 22 brands that have pledged include Sephora, GAP, and West Elm. Within the workforce, Diversity Inclusion and Equity roles have catapulted as well. According to Indeed, Diversity Inclusion & Equality roles rose 123% between May and September 2020.

As people all over the country celebrate Juneteenth this year, it’s paramount for all retailers to create and follow through with long term strategies and commitments to incorporate the BIPOC audience in a meaningful and conspicuous way. To authentically achieve this, companies must understand they cannot solely ingratiate themselves with this audience through discounted offers and deals. It’s through representation, community, and acknowledgement of the black influence and existence in America that brands will exhibit a real desire to create long lasting change and inclusivity.

Over the next few days, Locala will create a series of posts on how our drive-to-store platform can help you target a specific audience on a localized level. When launching multicultural campaigns, it is important to speak to the exact audience you are targeting. Fusio identifies zones with a large volume of potential shoppers, so you can focus your efforts on high-potential areas.