In the realm of digital marketing Locala sets itself apart with a unique approach that fuses mobility data with rich audience insights. This allows brands to not only to identify an audience but connect with the most valuable consumers in the areas where they’re most likely to be reached.

Guiding You to Identify Valuable Audiences

Locala identifies your most valuable audience. Our data-centric approach dives deep into audience targeting insights and consumer mobility patterns to identify your ideal customer profile. 

By focusing on those with the greatest likelihood to interact and engage with your brand at every stage of the customer journey, we ensure that your advertising resonates and converts.

Our capabilities go beyond basic targeting, allowing brands to activate  Competitors Conquesting : Strategically targeting customers of competing brands, turning potential competitors’ customers into clients, and casual clients into brand loyalists.

Boosting Impact with Location Intelligence

Locala harnesses the power of location intelligence to strategically deploy advertisements, ensuring they strike with maximum relevance and impact. We place your brand’s message where your audience is most likely to see it and at a moment they’re most ready to receive it. Our location-based targeting considers not just geographic positions but integrates the context of your audience’s current situation, profile, and behavior.

This strategic approach boosts the likelihood of consumers taking the action to visit your store, effectively turning passerby traffic into potential customers.

Optimizing DOOH Planning: Selecting Panels in Prime Areas

Locala’s platform ensures that we handpick only DOOH panels located in areas identified as having high potential for impact. 

By focusing our placements in zones that promise the greatest ROAS, we not only enhance the visibility of your campaigns but also amplify the end results

For instance, leveraging in-store screens for last-meter marketing efforts, Locala ensures your message is the final nudge customers need as they make purchase decisions.

Combining DOOH and Mobile to maximize impact 

Locala blends DOOH activations with mobile marketing strategies that enhance each other:

  • Strengthen reach in areas lacking DOOH panels for thorough audience engagement.
  • Deploy immersive and personalized mobile experiences to engage potential customers
  • Retarget consumers on their mobile devices after they interact with our DOOH ads, strengthening the CTA and directing them to your nearest store

This multi-channel approach amplifies the effectiveness of our Drive to Store campaigns, creating a cohesive consumer journey from digital engagement to in-store experience.

Enriching Customer Engagement with Post-sales Insights

Locala’s post-sales insights are designed to offer brands a detailed understanding of their campaigns’ effectiveness and the behaviors of their customers.

  • Panel-Level Analytics: Offering granular data on the performance of individual DOOH panels and mobile ad placements.
  • Attribution Modeling: Understanding the direct impact of marketing efforts on sales and foot traffic, for each channel.
  • Audience Insights: Gaining a deeper understanding of who responded to your campaigns, including demographic breakdowns, interests, and behaviors, to tailor future messaging.

Driving Real Results

We’ve helped brands achieve significant increases in foot traffic and sales by leveraging omnichannel activations, encompassing DOOH and mobile. 

For example, a recent campaign for Levi’s experienced a 65% traffic uplift, with a total of 15K in-store visits, thanks to our targeted DOOH and mobile efforts that led to a 15% increase in the intent to purchase among both Parents and Students audience segments.

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