The rise of commerce media as a new model for digital advertising is making brands rethink how to invest their ad spend. As the digital advertising ecosystem is now entering a new era, it can be difficult to differentiate the numerous commerce media platforms popping up on a daily basis.This transformative shift is raising two questions : 1.What is commerce media?  and 2. How is Locala’s platform different from other commerce media solutions? 

Simply put, commerce media can be defined as an expanded version of retail media, closing the loop between media impressions and commerce transactions to improve targeting, provide new audience insights, and deliver more relevant and valuable experiences for consumers.

With 10 years of experience as a drive-to-store leader, Locala’s drive to store capabilities are now evolving into a closed-loop commerce media solution, which is an expected natural progression as we continue to grow. 

Building on the our core offering, five elements differentiate us from other commerce media solutions :

1/Competitive Battlefield

Our platform allows brands to access insights on their store traffic trends and consumer behavior  and compare their performance with their main competitors. Locala delivers a high level of granularity with insights available through dynamic dashboards at the network or store level.  

2/Privacy by design

Developed under the consumer privacy European regulated framework GDPR, our technology  is based on a proprietary closed data management platform

We comply with the highest standard in brand safety and we follow the IAB TCF V2 framework

3/ Omnichannel activation

Whether at the awareness, intent or decision stage, our omnichannel approach allows us to activate the best media channel to reach customers depending on where they are in the consumer journey.  

 4/ Real-time metrics

 Locala’s platform gives our clients access to real time campaign metrics and full data transparency. 

5/ Store-centric insights

Locala’s platform is store-centric and uses the most advanced AI to define the best performing commerce area.  

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