Translated from Italian by Travod. Original version available here.

Milan, February 2KitchenAid, known for its small household appliances as the perfect combination of professional performance, quality and iconic design, has adopted Locala’s Street-to-Store omnichannel solution featuring IGPDecaux’s OOH advertising: a fusion between digital and external communication producing better results than activating each channel separately.

The OOH+Mobile campaign, aired in Milan from November 7-20, 2022, was custom designed to meet the specific needs of KitchenAid and its main aim was to continue and expand the conversation with the target audience, by illustrating details of the current promo. The banner distribution in apps targeted users in the 35-60 age group, high spenders, lovers of design and cooking who had searched online for KitchenAid or competing brands and who had visited one of the stores with similar products in the last month.

Thanks to AdSquare Planner, IGPDecaux built up a custom OOH network of 200 displays, positioned in areas frequented by the target audience and close to the selected store locations. Both media channels were activated to ensure the maximization of the advertising investment.
Overall, more than 750,000 impressions were seen by users passing near the OOH locations or who were near stores. By clicking the banner, the user discovered further details of the ad which, thanks to the purchase of a small KitchenAid appliance, allowed them to recover part of the cost via live experiences. In addition to this, 33 million contacts were brought by the OOH campaign with a 94% reach on Milan residents.

The campaign produced significant results. A 0.5% visit rate was recorded on users exposed only via mobile, 0.7% on users exposed only to OOH and a percentage that rises to 6.3% when analyzing the visits of users exposed to both channels. The omnichannel campaign, therefore, performed brilliantly, generating 9x the result of visits that would have been achieved by planning only the OOH and 12x by mobile channel only.
Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that the OOH displays with the highest request of impressions were also those that, at the planning stage, had shown a high target compatibility index, proving the efficiency of the analyses done beforehand.

Giovanna Flore, KitchenAid SDA’s Marketing Manager says: “At a particularly competitive time of the year, we decided to increase the visibility of our first reward program by making use of the integration of OOH and mobile assets offered by IGPDecaux and Locala, with which we achieved significant results in terms of visibility and traffic generated both online and offline”.

Michele Casali, IGPDecaux’s Marketing & Data Director: “In an ever more complex context where standing out and attracting people’s attention is a key element for communication projects, through objective and data-driven information like those illustrated above, IGPDecaux and Locala show that OOH+Mobile multimedia is a winning combination for maximizing the effectiveness of campaigns”.

Benvenuto Alfieri, Country Manager at Locala Italia added “The generation of tangible results for KitchenAid, together with IGPDecaux, has been key for us. We are delighted that the collaboration with IGPDecaux continues to bring innovation to the Italian and international market, in the OOH+Mobile environment”.

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