We all know that a well-greased machine is much more than the simple sum of its parts. In the same way, multichannel campaigns are complex machines that work better when treated as one activity instead of multiple single-channel campaigns. 

And planning your multichannel campaigns doesn’t end just with crafting your strategy, it also includes planning how you’re going to run it. Choosing the right platform or team to run your advertising can really make an impact on the overall performance.

The best way to ensure that performance is the best it can be, is to run all or most of your media on the same platform and with the same trading team. Here’s why:

You’ll have a holistic vision of your campaign 

Have all your performance metrics across channels in one dashboard or platform. That way you’ll be able to have a birds-eye view of your campaigns across all channels and at once. With the data always available, you’ll be able to know exactly where your campaign is and make better decisions. 

You get recommendations at the local and big picture level

Whether you’re running the campaign in-house or using an external trading team, using only one platform will allow your teams to work better together, as there are fewer moving pieces. They will be able to put together timely optimization recommendations that work at the local level whilst continuing with your overarching strategy. 

Use one platform to improve your multichannel campaignsYour team can easily optimize your budget cross-channel

The simplest and most effective way to maximize your multichannel campaign performance is to be flexible with your channel budgets. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunities that each channel brings, but also don’t be afraid to reassign your budget when it’s clear that one or two channels are driving your conversions above all others.

You’ll be comparing like for like

Different platforms can have different definitions for metrics, so using just one platform ensures that when you are talking about visits to your store or visits to your website you don’t count the same one twice (attributed to different channels) and that you are always comparing like for like.

The more you use a platform, the better the optimization algorithms work

Optimization algorithms need some time to understand which type of users responds best to your message. So, the more you use a platform, the easier it is for its AI technology to find exactly who is the most likely person to convert across each channel. 

There are of course other aspects of a platform to evaluate before choosing it, but making sure that it fits your campaign strategy is definitely one to look out for. 

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