More and more, marketers are facing challenges when it comes to identifying and reaching the best audiences that will ensure the highest return on investment for their brands.  Between new privacy regulations, and a lack of effective attribution and measurement reporting, many are left wondering – are my campaigns actually working? 

To address those industry challenges, Locala created Retail Analytics – a location intelligence platform that offers detailed insights into consumer shopping behavior at both national and local levels. With Retail Analytics, advertisers can analyze and track store visits, footfall trends, competitor cross-visitation metrics, and more, all while meeting the highest user privacy standards in the industry.

We’re excited to share the new enhancements to our platform that will help provide even more granularity and omnichannel insights for our customers advertising campaigns.

Here’s what’s new

1/ Enhanced geo-targeting.

Using the score function, you can easily remove unnecessary low areas of concentration and identify key zip codes to target. This will enable you to effectively target the right areas, and increase your client’s ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Enhanced geo-targeting

2/Targeting the best zip code for DOOH panel placements.

Our latest release includes new capabilities for geotargeting export and DOOH export, which allow you to extract top-ranking zip codes and DOOH panels within a designated area based on socio-demographic data and DOOH-specific criteria. This feature will help you identify the most valuable inventory for activation, and allocate your budget more effectively.

Targeting the best zip code for DOOH panel placements.

Leveraging location intelligence to target the best audience, activate the most effective channel, and measure results has never been easier!

To learn more about our Retail Analytics features and other advertising solutions, please contact us today.