Locala launches a brand new mobile advertising offer, the Adbot, to leverage the rise of chatbots and redefine brand engagements. With this offer, advertisers can reach users across a vast selection of publishers and direct them into the Messenger App to carry out a personalised conversation in real-time. Lancôme France and ZenithOptimedia (Publicis Media) is debuting this breakthrough strategy to engage with mobile savvy consumers.


“Facebook’s Messenger platform is a key channel to spark conversations between brands and consumers. We wanted to help advertisers leverage the unique chatbot experience and maximize their reach outside the Facebook display environment. Our AdBot solution combines a wide reach of premium publishers with enriched data context via geolocation to make the most of all the chatbot functionalities in the Messenger application,” explains Stanislas Coignard, Locala Chief Strategy Officer. “Another key feature of this offer is that both user actions in-ad and post-ad are tracked and measured in the Locala platform.”

As a pioneer in digital innovations, ZenithOptimedia France decided to test out Locala’s AdBot strategy to execute a “smart sampling” mobile campaign for Lancôme France. “Most recent eMarketer figures show that 54% of Messenger users would like to receive branded promotions within the app. With this insight, we set out to rethink brand engagements in our mobile campaigns by integrating chatbots,” says Jérôme Perissel, Digital & Innovation Director ZenithOptimedia France. “This is a breakthrough user experience to obtain and convert consumers directly within their smartphones.”

With the Lancôme France chatbot, mobile users can describe their specific skin type to receive a personalised skincare routine. Each mobile user can choose from hand-picked products by the chatbot and receive free samples to test these from home. The chatbot will collect the user’s full name and address then finish the conversation with a confirmation and thank you message. During this campaign, Locala’s tracking and analytics platform measured every step of this branded user journey based on MRC accreditations from impressions, clicks, to app opens.

“We were able to deliver a fully personalised and interactive ad in this campaign – initiating countless conversations with our consumers while generating qualified leads and interest for our products. In such an intimate medium like the smartphone, it is imperative to be able to put in place mass marketing that delivers adapted messages to each consumers. This is why are very excited about the AdBot solution.” explains Berengère Delaporte, Marketing Director of Lancôme France.

“With our AdBot solution we are transforming the call-to-action as we know it, into a conversation-to-action. What’s makes this strategy even more impactful is being able to reach audiences via a large network of publishers be able to measure engagements at every step of the conversation between the user and the brand,” concludes Stanislas Coignard.

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