DoubleVerify and Locala sign strategic global partnership to optimize attention measurement

Paris, November 23, 2023 – DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, today announces a global and exclusive partnership with Locala, a specialist in real-time location-based advertising. This collaboration will see Locala benefit from DV’s Authentic Attention measurement solution, Authentic Ad™️ features for media quality, and cutting-edge innovations and detection methods from DV’s Fraud Lab. 

Being a global actor and a pioneer in France, Locala wanted to call on an expert who could meet both its inventory protection and attention optimization needs. It was therefore no surprise when Locala turned to DV, the world leader in fraud and attention.

As the only solution accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), DV Authentic Attention provides an advanced measurement tool analyzing each impression in real-time, identifying more than 50 data points relating to the intensity of exposure to a digital ad, as well as spotting consumer engagement with the ad and the device. 

“One of the strongest points offered by our omnichannel offering is the ability to measure the impact of advertising. Positively, our partnership with DV enables us to exploit traditional post-bid measures such as visibility and Brand Safety, while gaining access to attention measurement capabilities. This enables us to go even further in optimizing media investments for our customers,” comments Dominique Blanc, Global VP of Customer Success at Locala.

In conjunction with the Attention suite, Locala will take advantage of the other media quality optimization and advertiser protection features available under the DV platform.

Among these features, DV Authentic Ad, which ensures complete media quality for each impression, providing the guarantee that the same ad has been delivered both in the right context (Brand Safety and Suitability), in the right geography, and viewed by a human.

Furthermore, to tackle advertising fraud, Locala can now rely on a comprehensive protection solution covering all types of fraud, on all types of devices and in all environments. This is made possible by DV’s Fraud Lab, which relies on a team of dedicated data specialists to constantly detect and analyze new types of digital advertising fraud in order to uncover the latest techniques by bad actors as they are deployed.

“In an environment where advertising budgets are under intense scrutiny, we aim to provide our partners with the right tools to improve the results of their clients’ campaigns. We are therefore proud to support Locala in their efforts to optimize attention, by offering a unique solution that perfectly meets their contextual, geographic and real-view targeting objectives, while ensuring complete protection,” says Laetitia Zinetti, Vice-President of Southern Europe at DoubleVerify.

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Locala is the leading multi-location advertising platform. Our omnichannel advertising solution leverages consumer insights and machine learning AI to help marketers efficiently plan, buy, and measure multi-local campaigns on a global scale. Our platform, fueled by location intelligence and consumer data, allows us to go beyond traditional geo targeting by defining customized media strategies at the national and local levels. Find out more at

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