Last week, Locala was named on the ‘2021 Programmatic Power Players’ list at AdExchanger. This list recognizes the top agencies and strategic partners in the programmatic advertising world.
The judges evaluated hundreds of agencies and strategic partners worldwide based on the strength and breadth of offerings, documented case studies and client references.

At Locala, we deliver advertising that drives more customers to stores, dealerships, and restaurants. We help brands move away from proxy media metrics to measure the real-world performance of their advertising spend in a single unified platform that links their investments back to real-world measurements.

Our Technology

Our omnichannel drive-to-store platform, Fusio, is the first platform which optimizes campaigns in real time to deliver incremental visits to stores as a direct result of brands’ advertising efforts – whether through mobile, video, audio, display or OOH. These visits are always independently verified by third-party measurement players to separate incremental visits from organic traffic, while also excluding passers-by and employees.

Fusio leverages reliable and unique location data from mobile devices to deliver data-driven drive-to-store campaigns to consumers across the globe. We help marketers optimize their campaign parameters such as location targeting, publishers, creatives, or the type of devices and network connection to get the best return on their ad spend and drive incremental store visits.

Our Methodology

We’ve created a robust incrementality methodology using tried and tested scientific methods and applied it to drive-to-store programmatic advertising. For each and every campaign we create two identical groups, a control and an exposed group. We add a variable (delivering the advert) and compare the effect of this variable by comparing it to a consistent control group that didn’t receive it. That means we can be sure that the difference in the outcome is because of that one variable (as everything else was the same) and not an external factor.

The Locala method randomly divides your target in two groups in real time: an exposed group who will see the ad, and a smaller control group who will not see the ad.

Although the audience is the same, there are factors that can affect their composition. Some people in your audience might be employees, organic visits, near the store and mistakenly be counted as a visit. Our methodology uses ratios to ensure results are statistically relevant quickly and avoids any errors due to data randomness.

You can learn more about incrementality and how it’s measured in our Academy Webinar Series.

We also measure statistical significance with our Uplift Trust feature to ensure results are reliable.

This is a measure of statistical significance of the result, it shows that we have enough data to be sure that the results (uplift and incremental visits) aren’t affected by data randomness. Fusio analyses the volume of data and signals when it has enough data for the results to be statistically significant.

Proven Results

A recent campaign for Palmer’s, the number one Cocoa Butter brand in the US, generated impressive results against business KPIs, driving +27,736 in-store visits to specified retailer locations, garnering a 0.38% CTR above the standard benchmark. Locala’s Dynamic Catchment Area (DCA) tool had a significant impact on driving visits for the brand, accounting for 93% of the visits.

Another campaign for restaurant chain Subway generated significant traffic to its locations around France. The Initial campaign objective was to achieve 200,000 visits to the store locator but, the campaign optimization and specific targeting exceeded the goal by 31% and acquired 262,160 visits within 30 days. Subway also saw a high click-through-rate of 4.26%, which is an impressive rate when compared to an industry benchmark of 1.6%. Finally, when comparing the total users exposed to the campaign versus users not exposed, the results showed a 46.72% uplift of visits to Subway restaurants across France.

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