Paris, France, July 12, 2022 – Locala, the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and proving the results, announces new data insights capabilities as part of its drive-to-store strategy. Co-built with brand performance measurement platform Happydemics, the data study gives Insight Managers access to automated reporting including both quantitative and qualitative data about their drive-to-store strategy.

“Our ability to measure brand lift plays a critical role in our drive-to-store strategy. Adding Happydemics’ targeted surveys to our campaign insights provides us with another layer of market knowledge to give our clients a competitive advantage” says Pierre Padiou, VP  Partnership at Locala.

With brand lift monitoring reports, advertisers will be able to rely on valuable metrics like local store implantation data to target audiences efficiently. The joint study also includes automated reporting features to monitor KPI and track progress multiple times a year from a reliable third-party partner.

“Our clients want to be able to measure the return on their investment in digital activation campaigns. Giving them a tool to measure brand awareness by combining Locala’s trusted data and Happydemics’ insights provides a critical asset to conquest the competition,” says Benvenuto Alfieri, Italy Country Manager at Locala.

By joining forces to provide advertisers with a SaaS platform giving access to key insights to increase brand awareness, Locala and Happydemics are able to offer a scalable solution to customers worldwide.

“This is a game changer for Marketing Managers who oversee a portfolio of international brands and need to validate their strategy performance.” says Virginie Chesnais, Chief Marketing Officer at Happydemics.  ”We are delighted to join a trusted partner to facilitate access to concrete metrics and offer a SaaS tool that meets the needs of brands with an international reach.”

About Locala
Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants and auto brands, Locala is the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and measuring the results. Locala’s powerful and complete suite of digital marketing tools provides unmatched visibility into shoppers and competitors while delivering complete control over where and when brands can reach high-potential consumers and drive them to buy. Founded in 2012, the company has offices in the United States, France, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the UAE.