Location data is vital for digital advertising

In today’s data-driven era, the application of location and mobility data has significantly shaped the landscape of digital advertising. From strategic planning to campaign activation, companies are turning to this data to better understand their consumers and collect valuable competitive insights. Yet as companies like Placer.ai, Foursquare, and Near offer broad, data-centric solutions, one key question emerges: Are these platforms truly effective in helping marketers make the right decisions for their advertising campaigns? 

A recent eMarketer study indicates that 36% of marketers used location data to personalize their consumers’ experience. These figures illustrate the growing appreciation of location data within the marketing sphere. However, the majority of these solutions focus on data visualization alone, rather than providing tools to make advertising decisions. 

Data-Driven Insights for Advertising Campaigns

Unlike general location intelligence providers, Locala is a specialized player in the realm of digital advertising. Our approach to processing location data and developing consumer insights is advertising-centric, focusing on the areas that matter most for businesses aiming to increase their footfall through digital ads. With Locala, the ultimate goal isn’t just visualizing location data, but building a technology that seamlessly links location insights to digital activation. This combination is our key differentiator as it allows us to translate raw data into actionable advertising strategies for our clients. 

The ever-increasing complexity of the digital landscape requires not only access to data but also the right tools and expertise to utilize it effectively. There is so much data available currently, and it’s difficult to know what pieces are most valuable and how you can use them to influence your decisions. With the rise of Language Learning Models (LLM), the ability to train these models with domain-specific knowledge will dictate success. As advertising experts, we’re equipped to guide these models to deliver insights that are truly meaningful to your business. So you not only get the meaningful data, but we help you define how to use it to more effectively reach your goals.

Locala goes a step further than competitors

We understand the allure of data visualization for decision-makers.  The ability to see data trends and patterns can indeed be powerful. In fact, that’s why we’re in the industry. However, at Locala, we go a step further. We are not only concerned with making data digestible and relevant but also with ensuring it drives tangible results for your business. By aligning our technology and expertise with your specific advertising goals, we provide a solution that harnesses the full potential of location data for advertising. 

The real challenge lies in leveraging this data to its fullest potential. It’s time to move beyond simple data visualization and towards tailored actionable media campaigns. As we look to the future, the need for expert-driven, vertical-focused solutions becomes increasingly apparent. At Locala, we’re already there.