Locala is an ad tech company in the digital advertising ecosystem specializing in programmatic buying to help advertisers bridge online results with offline impacts. FUSIO is Locala’s mobile advertising technology with a suite of products to address digital advertising challenges.

Today, FUSIO by Locala is a powerful drive-to-store platform that can attribute digital media investments with real-world results, such as shopper visits into stores. Advertisers can optimize their digital advertising investments with FUSIO by Locala to define custom audience clusters, define geo-location targeting, and track their campaign performances from mobile impressions until consumers arrive into stores.

FUSIO by Locala

Our technology did not start as a fullstack product suite. It was created in 2011, at the time FUSIO started only as an ad server, to serve and track mobile campaigns. Overtime, we added different modules to improve campaign performance and data insights. Today we are unifying the different existing modules such as Ad Server, DSP, Ad Builder and the DMP. The DSP lets users, such as programmatic traders, set up a campaign and buy media via real-time bidding from the supply side from app and web publishers. In our product roadmap, by summer 2018, we will unify all the different technology modules into the full stack product suite.

For the product team, we took this opportunity to unify all the different technology modules under the same interface and a single sign-on (SSO) system. Furthermore, unifying all the modules gave us the opportunity to redesign the conceptual model of the DSP (demand side platform). Stay tuned for another upcoming article about FUSIO by Locala’s target users and a deep-dive into the design process.