This holiday season, “revenge shopping” will very much be top of mind for many shoppers who have been ravenous to return to pre-pandemic shopping habits. With heavy consumer demand and vaccination numbers continuing to increase, a dynamic  opportunity for brick and mortar stores has arisen all over the world.

Looking back just one short year ago, retailers have quickly adapted to a new shopping landscape and customers have adjusted to a new normal. According to eMarketer, retail sales between November and December are expected to reach $1.147 trillion. The US, pummeled hard with store closings last spring and summer, has recovered with the number of new openings equalizing any closures.

With more demand comes more competition to reach your target audience among the myriad of competitors all vying for their attention. Now more than ever, brands will need to do more to break through and connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.  

Reacting fast and staying ahead of the curve is vital this season. We put together six strategies to maximize your holiday campaigns and finish the year on top, whether your consumers are shopping in store or online. 

  1. Create Targeted Messaging Based on Consumer Behavior
  2. Customize Your Omnichannel Strategy for Each Consumer
  3. Real Time is King
  4. Target Audiences with Different Activation Experiences, and Drive ROI
  5. Get Up Close and Hyper-localized
  6. Be Fast and Convenient 

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