NEW YORK – December 2, 2020 – Locala announced today the global integration of Integral Ad Science (IAS) targeting segments in its drive-to-store platform Fusio. IAS is the global leader in digital ad verification, offering technologies that drive high-quality advertising media.

According to IAS’ latest Media Quality Report, campaigns in which fraud mitigation tools were not present tend to encounter levels of ad fraud up to 25 times higher than those optimized against ad fraud. Now available in Fusio, IAS targeting segments help advertisers to prevent ad fraud, improve viewability, and meet brand safety requirements. The enhanced partnership will help to ensure that clients using Locala’s drive-to-store platform maximize their advertising dollars throughout the entire campaign.

The integration helps Locala clients to control the content that is presented next to their brand and maximize their media spend. Brands will be able to activate the add-on line settings and choose the specific segments they’d like to bid on or segments to exclude in the supply section across three categories:

  • Viewability: Bid only on placements that meet or exceed viewability goals, to ensure real people see the campaigns.
  • Brand safety: Customizable brand-risk thresholds to protect brand name and reputation.
  • Ad fraud: Make the most of ad budgets by ensuring that budgets are not wasted on suspicious placements.

The new release is a great addition to the other brand safety and anti-fraud tools that Locala has already implemented into the Fusio platform. This includes curated inclusion and exclusion lists as well as premium publisher deals, ensuring campaigns are run on quality inventory, so advertisers can be confident that their brand is associated with the right content. Locala has also developed a proprietary algorithm, called GeoAccuracy, which filters out suspicious location data used for targeting to ensure ad bids reach real people around actual stores.

“IAS has been a longtime partner of Locala, making sure that we are providing our clients with the best tools to protect their brand,” said Locala CEO, Christophe Collet. “This integration highlights our commitment to ensuring that our clients are protected, offering the opportunity to pre-determine the viewability they want, customizing where content shows up, and avoiding waste on suspicious placements. We are pleased to be able to roll-out this offer to our clients so they can even more confidently run their drive-to-store campaigns.”

“In collaboration with Locala, we’re helping advertisers continue to raise the bar for viewability standards and brand suitability efforts, while reducing ad fraud across their programmatic campaigns,” said Chance Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, Integral Ad Science. “As mobile programmatic investments continue to grow worldwide, this new integration with IAS and Locala will bring greater efficiency to campaigns and drive stronger business outcomes.”