The Rise of Attention Metrics 

When leveraging ad tech solutions and planning 2024 media strategies, staying ahead means constantly reevaluating the metrics that gauge campaign success. Traditional metrics like viewability and time in view, previously considered benchmarks, are now being supplemented with more comprehensive measures to truly grasp user engagement.

Enter Attention metrics. These metrics go beyond simply noting if an ad was viewed; they provide insights into the depth and quality of user interaction with the ad. This shift is not just theoretical but is being embraced by industry leaders. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has acknowledged Attention metrics as a critical evolution in ad measurement. Several key factors are propelling this shift:

  • Linking Campaigns to Business Outcomes: Attention metrics show a stronger correlation with business outcomes than other measurements, with evidence of a significant impact on brand lift, consideration, and sales uplift.
  • Unlocking Creative Potential: Recognizing that 70% of advertising success is due to the creative, attention metrics are gaining interest for evaluating creative effectiveness.
  • Optimizing for Channels: Attention measurement helps gauge the effectiveness of various channels, like CTV, where high viewer engagement is noted.
  • Reducing Waste: Advertisers can reduce budgets wasted on ad creative and placements that do not secure sufficient attention. In an environment where budgets are tight, any saving is welcomed.

Locala’s Integration with DoubleVerify  

Locala’s integration with DoubleVerify places it at the vanguard of attention-based advertising. By combining advanced Attention metrics with Locala’s unique offerings like Dynamic Commerce Areas and precise audience segments, advertisers can significantly enhance their campaign performance and media quality. 

At DoubleVerify (DV), pioneers in this field, Attention measurement is a sophisticated process. DV has determined that the most effective method to assess attention involves evaluating various detailed data points at the individual impression level, which can be compiled into practical metrics. DV Authentic Attention®, a privacy-conscious and MRC-accredited attention measurement solution that operates independently of cookies, examines more than 50 data points related to a digital ad’s exposure and the user’s interaction with the ad and their device, doing so in real-time.

  • In terms of exposure, DV evaluates the complete presentation of an ad, measuring its strength and visibility using metrics such as the time the ad is viewable, its proportion of the screen, the quality of the video presentation, and its audibility, among others.
  • Regarding engagement, DV analyzes essential actions initiated by the user during the display of the ad creative. This includes interactions such as user taps, changes in the screen’s orientation, video playback, and adjustments in audio settings.

These metrics of Exposure and Engagement collectively contribute to the DV Attention Index, a comprehensive indicator of attention that offers vital insights into the effectiveness of a campaign.

Incorporating these sophisticated Attention metrics, Locala enhances its strategic offerings. Advertisers can now enjoy the benefits of campaigns that are not just targeted, but finely tuned to capture and hold consumer attention, leading to improved brand outcomes and ROAS. These metrics also aid in making informed decisions about channel mix, placement, creative, and format types, tailoring each aspect of the campaign for optimal engagement and visibility.


Attention metrics are more than a buzzword; they are essential tools for understanding and optimizing ad campaigns. Locala’s integration with DoubleVerify’s solutions exemplifies industry best practices, where quality of engagement trumps quantity. 

For media strategists and advertisers, these developments offer an exciting opportunity to refine their strategies for maximum impact. We encourage readers to explore further, using Locala’s case studies to see how these innovations can be applied to their advertising strategies.

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